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Just watching your film made me realize that I am a judgemental person.  I am determined to be nicer to myself, my family and everyone so we will all be healthier and happier. Thank you Dr. Taylor. - Jeff

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​ Quantum Wisdom describes the sudden increase in awareness that is helping us become kinder and more awake. There are 11 steps that help us maintain good relationships with ourselves and others.

Spiritual Connectedness | Forgiveness | Gratitude | Consciousness | Values | Attitude | Problems | Love | Addiction  | Afterlife | Thinking for yourself

Viewer Feedback 

I work 12 hours a day as a plumber.  I don't mind hard work. I had everything I could possibly want  except...A good relationship with my girlfriend.

I would have paid any amount of money to find

a way to get along with her.  This film helped 

us communicate.  After watching it, we  were

able to talk freely about emotional/spiritual 

subjects.  We do get along now. - Dave 


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I have had a problem with alcohol for over 20 years. My husband left me because I would say the meanest things to him when I was drunk. Even then I couldn't quit. I watched your film and tried Tom Sexton's technique. It works. When I want a drink I know what to do. Thank you! - Ann